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The 3 Best Online Business Plan Software To Leverage In 2018

Any successful business person can tell you that putting the nitty gritty down on paper is essential before starting any startup. With the development of the web, a lot of new business owners utilize online business plan software that enable them to come up with well laid out business plans that effectively inform investors on how the enterprise will generate profits. The cool thing about online business plan software is that they enable potential business owners to crank out professional business plans in the shortest time, while motivating investors to fund their businesses. The question is: Which are the best business plan software right now that potential business owners can leverage. Well, here is the list:

  • LivePlan is the best online business plan out there

If you’re looking for a business plan software that simplifies the business plan writing process, then LivePlan is a straightforward choice. It does so by granting you access to the work and material required for a great business plan from any computer, as long as it is connected to the internet. It’s is adapted to the beginner, as it walks them through every step of the business plan writing process. The software includes teaching the business plan writing process, thereby allowing you to come up with a superb business plan. On top of that, you come out as a more informed entrepreneur.

The key selling point of LivePlan include the document generation tools that accompany it such as budgets, sales forecasts, as well as profit and loss statements. It also comes with resources to guide you through the business plan writing process. For example, the software provides you with exact instructions required to develop every component of the business idea. The online business plan separates the writing into chapters, such as executive summary, products and services, target market and much more. Every section comes with exact instructions of things to be included and precise examples of aspects lending parties or institutions look for in a business plan. Every section also comes along with video tutorial to make your understanding of how business plan are written easier. Not to mention the built-in financial calculations that it provides. With as low as $10 per month, you are able to use this online business plan software.

  • PlanHQ makes our list of the best online business plan software out there

Plan HQ does not only help you write out a great business plan, but also helps you execute it, as well as set business goals. With this online business plan software, a prospective business owner will gain all the knowledge necessary to start a business and run it successfully. It also lets business owners work in tandem with business partners, pinpoint demographics and evaluate competitors.

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PlanHQ comes with great business plan generation tools like chart generators and financial calculators. The software produces documents based on the goals of the business and the documents generated are dynamic, instead of the generic static pie charts and graphs. It also comes with guidance resources to help you plan out and actualize your goals.

  •    BizPlan is an awesome online business plan software

It’s adapted to users of any skill level because it offers a step-by-step process of crafting a great business plan. First-time business plan writers can find useful resources to learn much about crafting great business plans, while accustomed users can find innovative tools to craft great business plans without requiring any help. The deal breaker about BizPlan is that it’s compatible with Excel and Google Docs. On top of that, it’s integrated with social media sites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It also comes with an array of document generation tools and guidance resources to enable you to come up with a winning business plan. With a monthly subscription of as low as $19.97, you are able to use this online business plan software.

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